Mis aforismos mejor valorados

“The secret to a good marriage is to marry your partner without divorcing yourself”

“Success changes people twice: once when it reaches them and the other when it leaves them”

«The will, the more you use it, the less it is spent»

«When love leaves you you find yourself and when you find yourself love» 

«Success needs to learn things that only failure teaches»

«The best lessons in life are the ones you learn at the worst times»

“When your own is missing, all help is insufficient”

“If you don’t love yourself, neither they will, but if you love yourself too much, they won’t love you either”

“Envy is never healthy, when it is ‘healthy’ it is not envy but admiration”

“When you accept that life spins you stop getting dizzy”

“You can’t stop them from criticizing you what you can stop them from being right”

“The happiness that lasts is the one you give”

“If you learn a lot from others, you will soon become yourself”

“Loving each other madly is easy, the difficult thing is loving each other sanely”

“Maturity is the only virtue that includes them all”

“No one can improve without self help”

“There are people that help you thanks to the difficulties they create”

“Learn from your mistakes and you won’t make bigger ones”