Top 10 - 2023

Mis aforismos más valorados

“People do not mature when they get it right, but when they asume the consequences of their mistakes”

“The secret to a good marriage is to marry your partner without divorcing yourself”

“There are couples that have always loved each other because they have never lived together”

“If you don’t love yourself, neither they Will, but if you love yourself too much, they won’t love you either”

Freedom consists in the fact that you forbid things to yourself!

“Loving each other madly is easy, the difficult thing is loving each other sanely”

“A lot of people could be happy in a relationship if their partner were different”

“Love is reversible, but heartbreak is irreversible”

“In couple conflicts, the kindest persone always loses”

“The best thing that can happen to you in love is that the first one is intense and the last one extensive”