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Designed to optimize the practical usefulness of the books that inspire them. Each of them is taught in the following format:

  • Duration of four hours
  • A Power point of didactic support and a diploma of assistance are given.

They are carried out at the request of the entities that request them (cultural institutions, libraries, bookstores, neighbourhood associations, schools and institutions).

For more information go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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These workshops can also be given in the form of a conference-colloquium. 

ElSecretoDeLaAutoestima 750x500

Workshop that develops in a practical way the main contents of the book. It is useful for each participant to discover how the different sources of insecurity affect them and to learn how to apply the method I propose to favour self-knowledge and personal improvement.



  • How Behavior Works
  • A new theory of personal security
  • The four faculties of human potential
  • The formula for safety
  • The road to maturity

Taller sindrome de las supermujeres

Workshop inspired by the book of the same title that analyzes the psychosocial causes that have generated that a great part of the women feel dissatisfied of their loving relations with the men, for the same reason that a great part of the men are disoriented with respect to the communication codes that they must establish with the women.



  • Disappointed women and disoriented men
  • The Superwoman Syndrome
  • Risk factors and coping strategies
  • Principles for a new model of love relationships

felicidad personal antoni bolinches 750x500

Workshop in which I expose my theory of happiness and explain how to facilitate it. If you want happiness to depend more on you and less on others, in this workshop you will find reflections and guidelines that will help you become the main protagonist of your own well-being



  • A theory of happiness
  • From theory to practice
  • Facilitators and Difficulties of Happiness
  • Strategies to access roads to happiness

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