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I am a great fan of creating and compiling aphorisms and we Vital Therapists use them frequently because they help to become aware of the problems we are dealing with and allow us to discover conflict resolution strategies. That is why I have selected for you a sample of my own aphorisms, taken from my books and workshops, which can help you to reflect on the different areas to which they refer.


  1. When love leaves you, you find yourself and when you find love no longer leaves you.
  2. Love is a flower that grows in the field but is usually cultivated in the garden.
  3. The secret of a good marriage is to marry the other without divorcing oneself.
  4. In each heart there is room for more than one love.
  5. In a mature love one enjoys presence without suffering absence.
  6. In jealousy there is more self-love than love.
  7. The happiness of the couple has three great secrets: learn to choose, learn to build and learn to correct.
  8. Fidelity is a moral value and infidelity a natural tendency.
  9. The couple who lasts is the couple who matures.
  10. Loves that never die are those that have not lived at all.


  1. Take advantage of the time and you will have enough.
  2. Over the years we become tough or mature.
  3. Turn your best part of you to the most part.
  4. After the worst days, the best moments arrive.
  5. After the effort comes the reinforcement.
  6. Time heals everything if the person matures.
  7. In the school of life, wound is the greatest teacher.
  8. Immaturity is an inevitable stage and maturity its desirable evolution.
  9. Maturity is a wise mixture of accepted failures and achievements.
  10. To live is to take risks, to fall and get up.

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  1. Learn from your mistakes and you will not make majors.
  2. Criticising others does not improve us.
  3. When you do what you should, you become who you want to be.
  4. Error makes us fall but learning raises us up.
  5. Happiness depends more on how we live things than on the things we live.
  6. Safety is born of what one does.
  7. The sum of many small things always gives a great result.
  8. Who is constantly evolving never opts for revolution.
  9. Others may be the cause of your problems, but only you are responsible for the solution.
  10. There is no growth without suffering.

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